Learn Java in 14 Minutes (seriously)

Alex Lee

Java for Absolute Beginners: http://bit.ly/2YQ0Hz8
Java Programming for Complete Beginners – Learn in 250 Steps: http://bit.ly/2Z33qpf
Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers: http://bit.ly/2IWfp0Z

– Learn Java quickly by watching this video to the very end. If you do, you will walk away as a better java programmer 🙂

Here’s how to learn java in 13 minutes, for beginners. I’ve been programming for 8+ years and learning java was very difficult for me. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn java quick and easy! Hopefully, what you’ve learned in this video on how to learn java quickly can help you out.

In this java tutorial, I go over:
Compiling, keywords, symbols, storing data, primitive types, Strings, printing text, objects, classes, methods, calling code between files, import, logic, if/else, for loops, nested loops, while loops, try catch, apis, and a few other areas.

Learning java tricky at first… But SURELY you’ll get it 🙂 If you followed along, congrats! You learned-by-doing!

I hope you enjoyed this video to learn java in 13 minutes, I tried to get everything I could in the shortest amount of time for you! I like to have a nice mix of java tutorials and actual java projects for you all 🙂

Was this able to help you learn java? If you have a topic that I missed that you think might help someone else, please add it below so we can help other people learn java! –

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Alex Lee


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