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YouTube gaming sensation SSSniperWolf is one epic chick. At the young age of 24, the rising Internet star, whose real name is Lia, has already amassed nearly four million YouTube subscribers thanks to her seemingly endless gaming videos and love of all-things cosplay. Here are just some of the facts you might not know about one of the Internet’s most popular vloggers.

She started playing video games at a young age


SSSniperWolf was born on Oct. 22, 1992, in England, according to her “Draw My Life” YouTube video. After her parents gave birth two her two little brothers, they decided to move their family from their crowded apartment in England to Arizona, where she currently resides. According to her YouTube bio page, she first started playing video games when she was just six years old; her father bought her first gaming system, a PlayStation, when she was eight, as an attempt to get her and her brother to stop fighting. Also when she was eight, her younger sister was born, according to the video.

She joined YouTube in January 2013 and based her username on the character Sniper Wolf, a character in her first favorite video game, Metal Gear Solid, which she began playing when she was seven.

She’s pretty crafty


SSSniperWolf also has a second, lesser-known YouTube channel called Little Lia, which offers a number of DIY-related videos to its 84 thousand subscribers, including crafts, home goods and recipes. “I like to make stuff,” she said in a video posted to her SSSniperWolf channel. “I’ve always been into crafts, like making things around the house, making bracelets, decorating—you know, Martha Stewart s***.” Clearly, though, she seems more interested in video games than crafts; Little Lia hasn’t updated a new video in over a year.

She’s an award-winning hula hooper


She’s one of the best gamers out there, but did you know that SSSniperWolf is equally good at hula hooping, of all things? She revealed this awesome little fact in a video posted in 2014. “When I was in sixth grade, I got top prize in my school for a hula-hooping contest,” she said. “Weird, but I am crazy good at hula hooping.” “I think it was for a couple of hours I hula hooped in that contest,” she continued, “And then someone made me laugh and I dropped it.” A couple of hours? Color us seriously impressed.

She went 10 years without going to the doctor


Like most people in the world, SSSniperWolf isn’t exactly a fan of the doctor; however, she appears to have taken her fear of getting a check-up to the extreme, admitting in a 2014 video that she hadn’t seen one in almost 10 years. “I am extremely terrified of the doctor,” she confessed. “I haven’t been to the doctor in almost 10 years. That’s crazy business right there, right? I know it’s crazy.”

“I’m pretty healthy; I take care of myself.” She continued, perhaps in an attempt to reassure her millions of subscribers. “I am terrified because a doctor made me take off my clothes for no reason in front of my mom when I was a kid, so I’ve not been to the doctor since then, and I don’t ever think I can.”

On the bright side: she finally went to see a doctor in September 2016.

She dropped out of college


After finishing high school one semester early, SSSniperWolf revealed in a 2013 video that she began taking classes at a local community college. Her experience at the college proved to be, in her words, “terrible.” “I hated it,” she said, citing rude teachers, a lack of friends and getting hit on by male classmates as some of her reasons for being unhappy.

She said she eventually transferred to a university, where she began studying to become a pharmacist. Unhappy with her chemistry classes and the idea of life as a pharmacist, she switched her major to nursing. Even though she finished all of her pre-requisites for nursing, she said she was still unhappy with school and decided to take a break. According to the video, she was given her mother’s blessing to take time off, but only if she was able to make more money by working within a year’s time off than she would after she graduated and landed a job.

Incidentally, she tweeted in June 2015 that she was considering returning to college to pursue a degree in game design. As of June 2016, however, she revealed she still had not graduated from college.

She’ll never do porn


In 2016, SSSniperWolf contacted the porn site Pornhub on Twitter, leading some Twitter users to speculate that she was about to film a porn. Not the case, as she revealed later in a video posted to her YouTube channel. As it turns out, she was simply trying to let the site know that people were re-uploading videos to Pornhub featuring a solo porn star and labelling them as “SSSniperWolf.” D’oh.

In any case, she took the time out in her video to address once and for all that she will never, ever star in a porn video. “There’s no benefit for me,” she said. “People do porn for two reasons: one for money, obviously; 99 percent of people do it for money, because it’s easy money. Two, because they like it. I don’t think I would enjoy that, like, being naked for everyone to see and doing personal things like that.” “No, I’m not comfortable,” she added.

There were also reports in 2015 that she received an $80,000 offer to do porn; however, whether it was actually a legitimate offer or just from an Internet troll remains unclear, according to the report.

She dated a fellow YouTuber


Amid her rise to fame, SSSniperWolf got a message from YouTube user Evan Sausage that made her laugh. The two quickly developed an online rapport and began communicating all day long through things like text messaging and Skype, according to a November 2015 video confessional. Eventually, they met and actually bought a house together, even though she admitted that their relationship began with some rough patches and growing pains. At the time the video confessional was published, SSSniperWolf revealed the two would most likely get married.

Flash forward to May 2016. In a video titled “We Broke Up,” SSSniperWolf revealed that she and Sausage, duh, had broken up and that he had moved out of their house. “There’s been some drama,” she said, adding that Sausage had fled to Vegas and wasn’t contacting her.

They reportedly got back together by June 2016, as evident by a video aptly titled, you guessed it, “How We Got Back Together.” The love affair didn’t last long, however; by September that year, SSSniperWolf posted another video explaining that they were broken up but still living together as friends on good terms.

She got arrested


On Aug. 14, 2016, SSSniperWolf tweeted a mugshot to her over 600,000 followers and claimed she had gotten arrested for disorderly conduct. “So neighbors called cops [because] they heard screaming & I got arrested for disorderly conduct,” she wrote, adding: “lol at my mugshot [though].” A few weeks later, she took to YouTube to confirm that she and Sausage had both been arrested, allegedly after SSSniperWolf threw a screaming fit because Sausage had changed his phone background to a photo of “some random girl.” SSSniperWolf downplayed the cause of the arrest, referring to it as the “dumbest thing ever.”

There have also been online rumblings alleging that she and Sausage were arrested for armed robbery in 2013. A YouTube video posted by TheGamersFromMars later claimed that the charge was assault and stemmed from a misunderstanding involving an undercover officer. She allegedly received one year probation for the incident, according to the video.

SSSniperWolf previously posted videos about the incident that were later deleted. “I’ve talked about it a lot in past videos, but since it happened years ago, that’s why I don’t bring it up anymore,” she said in a video published on Aug. 16, 2016. “I’m not hiding anything. There’s just no reason to talk about it.”


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