Cyclops Tornado OSD Autopilot airplane FPV


The new Cyclops Tornado OSD Autopilot system is a fully fledged airplane on screen display system with built in stabilisation, RTH (return to home) and waypoint navigation, it includes the facility to use a pitot tube (not supplied) to sense the air speed (air speed sensor is built in) and can take full control of the throttle in RTH and Autopilot modes.

List of features
•True airspeed support with throttle control
•min,max and cruising speed
•Autopilot waypoints
•TF memory card flight logging
•Home point hovering
•Futaba S-Bus

Weight (main board): 35g
Size (L*W*H): 75.3*44*15mm
Current consumption(12V without GPS module): 82mA

Package includes
Cyclops Tornado OSD main board
GPS Module: 10Hz
GPS cable: 20cm long
Current and Voltage sensor: 100A, 30V
Current sensor cable: 20cm long
Servo cable *6: 20cm long
Setting board
Switch board cable: 40cm long

There is a very informative thread on RC Groups

Update Guide (you will require the Update Tool)

You do not need to do incremental updates, you can if you wish jump straight from V1.01 to V1.09 for example

Firmware V1.01
– fix some bug for example RSSI setting, creating flight routes.

Firmware V1.02
– Solve a variety of ESC compatibility issues.

Firmware V1.03

Firmware V1.04
– AHRS update and the PPM input is the same channel as the RUD or SBUS input

Firmware V1.05
– 1. Improve the accuracy of RTH mode radius 2. Fix the servo center reset failed BUG.

Firmware V1.06 – 1. Fix the PPM input failure when switch screen by the key. 2.Fix ESC arming failure BUG. 3.Fix the AUTOPILOT icon flashing BUG in NTFC mode. 4.Add GPS display in 1st and 2nd screen, and this item can be opened or closed in menu.

Firmware V1.08
– 1. Fix the clock time error when TF card recording. 2. Add mah for battery capacity and display, and the unit can automatic change to ah when value up to 10000mah. 3. Add RTH ALT HOLD function, the altitude can keep the value when you switch RTH(When RTH ALT HOLD is N and the current altitude is above HOME ALT). 4. Add AIL-RUD Mix function.

Firmware V1.09
– 1.Add loiter/circle mode for waypoint.
To enter this mode, you should set radius and direction for each waypoint, and then turn off AUTOWAYPOINT
At auto pilot mode, when reach one waypoint, the airplane will circle around this waypoint, turn the knob AUTOPILOT to PA and quickly back to AUTOPILOT, the system will shift to the next waypoint.

(We haven’t add a Loiter Mode on the MOD channel, the four position is enough for the MOD channel, otherwise, there will be some trouble when you switch the flight mode.)

Firmware V1.10
– 1.Add Loiter Mode

MOD channel is divide by 5 part: Manual mode,PA mode,Auto Poilt mode,Loiter mode,RTH mode. So failure protection functions(F/S function) should redefine to RTH part.

– 2.Add TF card auto save function when the plane height is between -10m and +10m, as well as the airspeed is below 12km/h.(Save the current file by 10s cycle, the file is still open)

– 3.Improve the PA HEADING HOLD performance, reduce the overshoot when the head relock.

Tornado Data Convertor Program (to convert the on board tf card data to Google KML format)


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