A Step By Step Perfect Guide About How To Do Laxmi Puja At Home


As the most celebrated festival of India, Dhanteras on Thursday 19 October 2017, many of you have your plans in place for family get togethers and Diwali celebrations. Many of you would be staying away from the family for study or a job or business purpose and are eagerly waiting for the day when you reach your homes & enjoy the festival with your family.

As we all know that, any festival has some mythological story related to it & there are some rituals that we need to perform on that particular day. From our Great Grand Fathers to our Grand Fathers to our Dad, this tradition has been passed on from one generation to another. So on this Diwali we all are going to perform the rituals of Lakshmi Puja at home but very few of us know the mythological story behind it.

The other problem I have seen which the most common these days is that many people don’t know the exact methodology regarding it. As the elderly people always say to us that just for the sake of doing it, don’t perform the pooja. You need to understand the meaning of it in order to do it properly. So, today I’m going to discuss about How to Perform Laxmi Pooja on Diwali and what is the importance of daily lakshmi puja vidhi.

Before going into the details of the lakshmi Puja, you need to understand the importance of laxmi Puja & why it is performed every year on the holy occasion of Diwali. According to the mythology, Maa laxmi which is also the wife of Lord Vishnu, is regarded as the Goddess of Wealth. It is popularly believed that Diwali, which the third day of the festival is most auspicious day of all & on this day every year, Maa Lakshmi visits her devotees and bless them with joy, happiness & prosperity.

It is also believed that, in order to get the blessings of Maa Laxmi, you need to keep your house & surroundings clean.

As they say that:

Cleanliness is Godliness.

The same logic applies in the case of Maa Lakshmi, people clean their houses, decorate them with lightings & prepare sweets to welcome the Goddess Laxmi. This is because, there is a belief among the people that the happier Maa Lakshmi with the visit, the more blessings she will give to them.

Actually Lakshmi Puja is a Puja of five deities: Lord Ganesha, 3 forms of Maa laxmi which are MahaLakshmi, MahaSaraswati & MahaKali & last but not the least is Lord Kuber, which is known as the treasurer of all Gods.

How to Perform Lakshmi Pooja on Diwali

I have made Steps of Laxmi Pooja which will make your job much easier this Diwali. Now let’s discuss step by step instructions to perform a simple Diwali puja process at home, which will help you to know the actual process.

1) Purify Your Home: This is the first thing that you need to remember while lakshmi Puja Vidhi. Sprinkle GangaJal or pure water in your house in order to purify it.

2) Set the Platform: After the purifying process, spread the red cloth on a platform which is considered very auspicious. This is similar to laxmi pooja performed by many women’s on fridays.

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3) Place the Kalash: Place the Kalash in the middle of red cloth, thereafter fill it with 3/4 of the water and placed a supari, a marigold flower, a coin & some rice on the top of it. Put 5 mango leaves on the kalash and arrange them in a circular design. This is the Easiest Step of lakshmi Puja Vidhi among all.

4) Place the Idol of Goddess Lakshmi: This is the most important step that will find in every How to Do laxmi Pujan articles. Make a small mountain of rice, then draw a lotus over it and place the Maa Laxmi idol in the center.

5) Place of Idol of Lord Ganesha: As we all know that Lord Ganesha is the first god that we remember while doing any auspicious work. So is the case here, now place the idol of Lord Ganesha & apply the tilak of haldi and kumkum. Thereafter, light a diya & recite the mantra.

6) Place Book/Wealth Related Item: Place some book or any other thing related to your work or business besides the Kalash.

7) Bath the Idol of Goddess Lakshmi: Place the Idol of Maa Laxmi in the thali. Now bath the idol with panchamrit and then with the clean water. After that, clean the Idol & place it back on the red cloth.

8) Offer Sweet & Coconut: Offer sweet & coconut as a prasad to Maa Laxmi. You can also place the money, gold or ornaments in the puja thali as well.

9) Light Diya & Perform Aarti: Now light the panchmukhi diya and do the lakshmi puja aarti. After the aarati, offer some flowers to Maa Laxmi.

10) Recite the Mantra: Now at last, recite the Diwali Puja Mantra & pray to the goddess for the good health & wealth of your family.

I hope after reading this article, you will get the whole idea about the Lakshmi Puja which will help you in the upcoming days.


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