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This tutorial will show you how to create a small piece of needlepoint lace. This kind of lace is made just using a needle and thread, mostly out of buttonhole stitches. The tutorial shows you how to make this:

The tutorial was posted in 2007 in several installments. Just follow the different steps and you will end up with something special!

The Tutorial

  1. Creating the Pattern: Finding an appropriate motif and making a drawing
  2. Preparing the Pattern: Attaching the drawing to the fabric background for working
  3. Materials and Outlining: Couching down the Outline thread
  4. Finishing the Outline: How to cover every line in the pattern
  5. Working the Filling Stitches: Buttonhole stitch in many variations
  6. More on Lace Stitches: Details on how to work the different stitches
  7. Finished Lace Fillings
  8. Buttonholing the Outline: How to cover the outline threads with buttonhole stitches
  9. Finishing the Project: How to remove the lace from the pattern and some photography tips

Additional Resources

This tutorial shows only one kind of needlepoint lace, and a pretty simple one at that. There’s much more to learn, and here are some of the resources I like to use:

  • I learnt how to make this kind of lace using Starting Needlepoint Lace by Valerie Grimwood. This book is a nice modern introduction to the subject.
  • The Encyclopedia of Needlework shows related laces and has instructions for lots of different filling stitches.
  • The Art of Modern Lace Making presents laces based on industrially produced tapes. This kind of lace is sometimes also called “Irish Lace”. You can find my review of the book in this post.

The last two books are available for free from Project Gutenberg’s Crafts Bookshelf.

Finished Lace Pieces

Just to see a few possibilities, here are links to my finished lace pieces:


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