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Really cool build and very well made. You mentioned you weren’t too used to modern builds but everything here that was modern looked well made and believable. I did really like how spread out it was. You had a whole plains to work with, and you worked with most of it. It just made it a little easier to look at since there wasn’t a lot that was crammed into a small place. Really liked your cave and the excavation, again was made realistic and really liked where they were digging at too!

Awesome build!



First off, surprinsgly one of the big things that struck me with this build are the smoke clouds. Really loved how big and filled they were. They reminded me of those comical clouds you see in animated shows and I loved them. The build was really good but there was just a little something missing for me. It might just have been the location at the top of the mountain. Because most of the shots it was just the building, I may have just been overly analyzing it. Either way, still built really good!

Great build!



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