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3 Apr 2015

Redwerk Company

Due to their full runtime compatibility “Scala vs. Java” is a never-ending debate in Java development world.

A small Java script using Selenium Webdriver

5 Mar 2012


How to call C/C++ from Java Android using CLE

28 Feb 2012


Calling Python from Java for Android using CLE and SL4A

An article on how to create a simple web service using JBossWS, how to deploy and test

11 Oct 2018

Diptee Warudkar

This article explains how we can customize decompounding in solr for languages such as German to get precise results.

29 Oct 2014

Stiti Samantray

Get started with error and exception handling with Java programming

Use AccessRemoteMySQLDB-API in your project to access web-server MySQL database

Did it for the sake of a mini-project… Watch out for my real project…

Analysis of the “Hello World” application at binary (JVM) level

This article describes my experiences in trying to learn the JavaFX programming language by writing a Chess program.

This is a J2ME beginner article that describes how to write your Hello World J2ME application

This is a J2ME beginner article that describes how to add different J2ME components to your application especially StringItems and Commands.

This is a J2ME beginner article that describes how to use different J2ME components in your application to make it more user interactive, using TextField and Alerts UI components.

Watch the Java class file visually & interactively for the meaning of every byte

18 Mar 2018

David MacDermot

This article describes the creation of a Java console type application.

This program demonstrates the methodology needed for by directional messaging between a Java FX foreground and 1 or more background threads.

How to calculate timespans with the New DateTime API

Calling native functions which are written in C or C++ from Java, using JNI.

Jsoniter is a new JSON library for Java & Go, with innovative API and faster than thrift/avro

It is easy to run your own game on your own mobile

24 Feb 2015

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan

This article uses the MVC framework for building Java-based applications for desktop or for enterprise solutions.

Using EntityManager API will help you in avoiding hardcoding of the password, it will reduce the chances of getting hacked.

Understand how and when to use static keyword in your applications

23 Jun 2014

Uros Calakovic

How to create Swing based GUIs with JRuby

A look at how to use the enum in Java.

A platform independent game that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

1 Mar 2010

Arun Reginald Zaheeruddin

A step-by-step guide taking a beginners’ approach at effectively creating UI components in Java. This tutorial takes you through the initialization to the completion of an aesthetically pleasing UI component in Java.

This article explains how annotations work in Java.

In this text, we see how to use Recursion in our Java programs.

20 May 2019

James A. Brannan

Introduction In this tutorial we use the Amazon Web Services Java 2 Application Programming Interface (API) to create a Rest application using Spring Boot that reads and writes to a DynamoDB database. This tutorial assumes AWS familiarity, Java programming experience, and Spring Boot experience.

A quick introduction to Hamcrest framework for writing expressive unit-test cases for Java applications.

Java Programming – General

24 May 2000

Glenn S. Peffers

An article describing JavaScript code that will display a message (i.e. Please Wait…) while a Java Applet is loading. This code is designed to work in both IE and Netscape

10 Things Every Java Developer Should Know About Flex

This article shows with an example some rules for effective concurrent programming

Discover some interesting facts about the Java String

11 Jul 2011

Vishwanath Narayanan

This article will discuss about the real world problem and then we will see that how it can be resolved using JAXB.

A debugging class for Java applications and applets.

A chat application which can handle multiple users at the same time.

21 Nov 2011

Giuseppe Luciano

A solution to livelock problem using ExecutorService and LiveLockSolution interfaces

A new user’s look at two Java Desktop Frameworks

Suggestions to improve your approach to API design.

This is a simple CRUD example with JSF.

21 May 2017

Michael B Pliam

An easily modifiable console like interface for testing Java code

This study note presents a simple example to upload files to the server by jQuery Ajax calls.

This is an example to use Websocket to create a simple chat program.

21 Jun 2004

Dr. Ivan S Zapreev

In this article, I am going to discuss the A11Y and I18N testing of Java based GUIs

An abstract base class that provides the basic plumbing necessary for an options dialog. More specifically, it manages the creation, layout, display and event handling of the three option buttons OK, APPLY and CANCEL.

2 Jul 2000

Davanum Srinivas

This article shows how to add support for Mouse Wheel for Java Swing Widgets

23 Jan 2011

Sam NG

How to add class paths to SystemClassLoader.

Java Tic Tac Toe ( AI based )

21 Feb 2017

Prasad Khandekar

An INI file manipulation class with support for environment variables

Java 8 is perhaps one of the most exciting editions of the Java language in recent times. One of the headline features is support for functional programming which is the focus of this blog. The support comes mostly in three features: Support for [work pipeline] streams. Streams allow us to process d

An article to launch the beginner into the world of Java GUI programming

An article for the student of Java GUI programming.

This is a study note on Angular. I realized that Angular is a larger topic than I initially thought of. I hope I can be concise enough to cover a few interesting aspects in as few sentences as possible.

5 Jul 2008

Cedric Beust

An article about Annotation transformers in Java

Apache Hadoop 2.3 for Big Data Analytics

Stratagies for managing application properties in Java

Create a Shape for a custom JFrame and apply a transparency effect (0 to 1 alpha value) on entire window, on Windows Platform

An article that discusses Scala’s case classes

Generation of POJO Classes is explained in this article

A quick reference for Javadoc tags

An example of how to use Open Office and Ghostscript to convert supported formats to PDF using Open Office and merge them using Ghostscript

21 Apr 2011

Penkov Vladimir

Shows how to use beans binding with swinghtmltemplate

Renders the Mandelbrot Set on your mobile device, with panning and zooming

14 Nov 2012

Andre’ Gardiner

A java Bowling Score Board Game.

How to build domain model with tree structure, thinking Object-Oriented

14 Apr 2013

Nestor Marsollier

A point of view about business validations on enterprise applications

This article presents a method which uses CLE middleware to call Lua from a Java application on Android

18 Aug 2004

mohammed alodib

This is a Java-program to calculate the grade point average and the term’s average

17 Jul 2008

David Whitehurst

CAS may be easier in a production environment

Comparator and Comparable objects tutorial

This article describes how to resolve the problem of connections of application clients with database in JBoss 3.2.x

The article describes how to consume a Web service in Java 5 (Creating proxy classes in Java was never so simple!)

Teaches how to write a simple class to convert dates to pixel X values and back.

These are Java Programs for typing on computer without physically typing, screen capture, AutoDownloader, etc.

This article will give an introduction on how to create microservices using Spring AMQP and RabbitMQ.

28 Jan 2010

Anton Grigoryev

Command-line UI auto-generation to easily make code runnable.

10 Jul 2014

Osmund Francis

Using and/or creating Swing classes for displaying images

In this article, we will create a notepad in Java with features like Multi Tabbed Documents, Document Selector, Openning/Saving/Closing Multiple documents, Running External Programs,Different Look and Feels, Viewing files in Browser, etc.

Hibernate ORM (Hibernate in short) is an object-relational mapping tool for the Java programming language. It provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database.

17 Jun 2004

Prasad Khandekar

A Log4j appender class to create daily folders

This is a modified version of Log4J DailyRollingFileAppender with maxBackupIndex to delete old log files if exceeds given maxBackupIndex size.

11 Jun 2017

Arturs Solomencevs

The article will make you understand database transactions (principles, concepts, etc.) and how to use Spring Framework to implement transactional behavior in your application.

Event driven, component based, database bound Java web applications using Echo web framework and JDO.

A set of classes providing a polymorphic data structure.

This article shows how to create a Java Swing GUI application in Netbeans and interface it with JNI DLL.

Event-Driven Programming Model

2 Feb 2015

Yildirim Kocdag

This article helps you develop, test and deploy a custom comment check in policy for Eclipse IDE and Microsoft TFS. A plug-in should be written for comment checkin policy development

A digital clock JavaBean for use in a JavaBean aware IDE

Discovering the future of Java

This article presents a Java example application that performs discrete wavelet transforms.

4 Feb 2014

Andrey Chaschev

Describes how to download Java by navigating with WebView from JavaFX

Create a useful draggable generic component to create custom graphic desktop applications, like visual editors or multimedia management

5 Mar 2013

Prasad Khandekar

A dropline menubar control tag library for JSP.

24 Nov 2010

Penkov Vladimir

Shows how to manage swing components in HTML style

Execute any external Process from your Java code without worry

The program provides a User Interface to convert any file type to base64. The base64 conversion is to remove unreadable characters from your file. You can save your base64 code in a separate file and then convert it back to the original format whenever you want.

10 Apr 2012

Jovan Popovic(MSFT)

This article explains how you can implement full data management functionalites (adding, deleting, inline editing) into web tables using jQuery DataTables/Editable and J2EE applications.

19 Jan 2005

Jacklondon Chen

discuss about java interface and the general contract when overriding equals

1 May 2017


I have discussed how to set up Jack and what it defines an agent to be, plus a step-by-step procedure to compile and run an example in it

Java code to create your own face collage

24 Oct 2005

Ian Schumacher

A simpler way to process XML

19 Jul 2006

Madanu Ujjwal Kumar

MakeLogic Tail is a freeware similar to ” tail -f ” of Linux. It is Tail for Windows, Tail for Linux and Tail for Mac

18 Dec 2013

Filipe Marques

This article presents a new flexible Java layout.

This is the second of three episodes to introduce considerations and techniques applied in Tuple classes in my open-sourced library functionExtensions.

7 Dec 2010

Stephen Swensen

Functional programming with functors and object streams in Java.

21 Dec 2016

Akram El Assas

This article discusses functional programming in Java through algebra, numbers, euclidean plane and fractals.

This is the first of three episodes to introduce considerations and techniques used for the throwable functional interfaces defined in my open-sourced library functionExtensions.

This is the third of three episodes to introduce considerations and techniques applied in Repository classes in my open-sourced library functionExtensions.

28 Feb 2011

George Stragand

Move beyond the String.equals() method of Java and introduce fuzzy String matching

This article introduces the concepts of Generics and shows you examples of how to use it.

This article discusses how Generics is implemented in Java, and we delve into a number of issues with it.

This article has discussions on issues with mixing generic and non-generic (raw-type) code, and the issues of converting a non-generic legacy code to generics.

Returns a File and String object that point to the directory that a class is executing from

This article presents an example Maven project to get started with unit test code coverage by Jacoco.

Provides a graphical solution to eight queen problem

Describe in detail how many-to-many association works with Hibernate, using MySQL and Spring

A simple application that hides the JVM console window while your JVM GUI runs

26 Apr 2009

Vitaly Shelest

Demonstrates a simple technique for embedding WPF/.NET Components into Java GUI

How the Java Virtual Machine Works: Inside the JVM.

In this article, I will introduce how to call RESTful API in servlet.

14 May 2010


How to create a Random Joke Generator in Java

How to create a wrapping and/or multiline label in AWT

31 Aug 2004

Ashraf Mohamed

Read/write the local machine file system using a signed applet

Web Services Interoperability

How to make Singletons whose behaviour can be overridden and that allows mock objects.

19 Mar 2009


An article to help write applet code.

5 Jul 2012

Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman

How to create a simple IMEI validator application using Java Swing

Implement Gauss-Newton algorithm in Java to solve non-linear least squares problems; i.e. to find minimum of a function.

An article on how to implement a functional web server in Java

29 Jun 2008


A step by step guide to implement Mouse Gestures based commands in your Swing applications

This article shows how a Null Object can be dynamically generated with a proxy.

Create custom indexes for improving Mapreduce performance

Integrate DataTables into a Java web application, render DataTable on demand, simple to use and flexible to work with.

In this article, I will show you how to integrate Hibernate Search into a simple yet feature complete web application with the Spring MVC and Hibernate enabled.

This article provides a brief introduction about graph data structure with BFS and DFS traversal algorithm.

A guide to write a basic JAVA Midlet

31 Jan 2013


An introduction to the Green-forest Framework for creating a web application example.

1 Jul 2019

Mahsa Hassankashi

This article explains almost the whole story about Scala and its functionality with an example.

Since all these functions are implemented as an HTTP client communicating directly with the Voicent Gateway, they can be run on any machine that has a connection to the host running the gateway. The C# interface source code is also included.

A Java implement of Datalog, a subset of the Prolog programming language that is used as a query language in deductive databases

10 Sep 2012

Ashraff Ali Wahab

48 Bit Image Processing using JAI(Java Advanced Imaging Library)

13 Jul 2008

Member 2230040

This article discusses new features in Java 5, and see how you can benefit from these. In Part-I, we cover auto-boxing and foreach.

13 Jul 2008

Member 2230040

This article discusses two new features in Java 5: varargs and static import.

Create a smart Java component used as accordion menu. Explains how to create visual transition effects, and simple icons management. Also shows how to create a hierarchy of components with an easy cascade management.

20 Nov 2015

Mircea Diaconescu, Gerd Wagner

Learn how to build a Java back-end web application with minimal effort, using Java Server Faces (JSF) as the user interface technology, the Java Persistence API (JPA) for object-to-storage mapping, and a MySQL database.

This tutorial provides any beginner with the basic skills required to start programming in Java.

A Java application to generate the calender for a given year

A complete Java (AWT) Chat Application with great customizable GUI Interface. It has features such as general chat and private chat, music when message arrives, sending images and more

A quick demo of the JEL expressions library.

Integration test in Travis with coverage feedback for PRs

This article is an introduction on how to use the JJWT library, key stores, private/public keys to encrypt and decrypt the JWT token.

7 Nov 2007

Praveen Nair (NinethSense)

A single window Java Learner IDE with C#

4 Jul 2002

Manish Hatwalne

Enhance visual appeal of your swing application with colorful and customizable themes.

16 Apr 2012

Amr Rekaby

This article discusses memory management in Java applications, the different data types handling, and the role of garbage collection.

Three examples of Java code that doesn’t do what you’d expect

In this tutorial, I will try to explain how to use JNI auto loader for JAR file.

A paramaterized expression evaluator in Java.

7 Jan 2015

vladimir husnullin

Web development using JSON is simple

7 Jan 2015

vladimir husnullin

Web development using JSON is simple

This is Simple Java System Tray Application.. This Works only in Windows Environment. No Need For JNI.

Java/JSON mapping with GSON.

ASCII art generator in Java

This document describes how to get extended user’s data, such as email address, from the Active Directory. A former article describes how to do so using native tools, such as COM4J; however these tools are cumbersome for use, while pure Java is better and simple.

This article shows how Java application can retrieve user’s data from the Active Directory

22 Jan 2015

Christopher Swiderski

We’ll be using Java 7 and the Apache CXF framework for implementing a web service and client within the Eclipse IDE.

How to use basic JMXTerm functionality, and extend its usefulness through scripting.

26 Apr 2012

Jovan Popovic(MSFT)

Enhancing simple tables implemented in Java web applications using the jQuery DataTables plug-in.

26 Sep 2006

Diego Barrientos

Free Java Web Server

JSP custom tags provide a standardized mechanism for separating the presentation and business logic in a dynamic web page, allowing page designers to focus on the presentation while application developers code the backend.

A small utility to automate and simplify the process of JAR signing

We’ll discuss why Kotlin is a great tool for domain specific language building

The article describes using the new feature of Java 8 – lambda expressions.

How lambdaj tries to partially fill the lack of closures in Java

17 Sep 2008


Use Spring and Commons Configuration to load application properties from a database

12 Jun 2015

Dr. Song Li

This article presents an example to localize applications with Java property files and the “ResourceBundle” class.

Localization of an application at runtime – “On the fly”

A simple tutorial on using Apache Lucene for full text search

Java Lucene website crawler and indexer

This article provides an implementation of the LZW compression algorithm in Java

3 Mar 2006

Prasad Khandekar

An Ant task for reading manifest information from a jar file and displaying it

A thread safe library of static methods that provides an internal DSL to manipulate Java collections without loops

23 Jul 2008


This article gives you an idea of how to compare your string with * and ? so called wild cards

A set of static methods in Java that are critical in all mathematical calculations that involve matrices

New generation, annotation based maven 3 plugin development. Get rid of javadocs !

Suggest queueing and parsing method for string type message packet

28 Jan 2009

Florin Badea

This article shows how to modify the j2mepolish styles of a j2me application at runtime using code and not CSS files.

21 Apr 2011

Adrabi Abderrahim

This article describes how to create a basic modular Java Enterprise Application, by using these Open Source frameworks

MPSC Lock Free Intrusive Linked Queue with state

This article introduces multi-linear regression/classification with simple examples and provide the codes in Java.

Submit multipart HTTP requests from Java and display information about the upload progress

Frame-like navigation is possible with limited extent using Page Fragments

Apache MINA is a network application framework which helps users develop high performance and high scalability network applications easily. It provides an abstract · event-driven · asynchronous API over various transports such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP via Java NIO.

Helps you to synchronise your gmails and lets you watch your mail even in offline states.

Speed up object serialization in Java.

Description: Shows how to detect if the computer is going to go into sleep (stand-by) mode and allow/disallow it

An article describes how to create PDF document programmatically using XSLFO and FOP

6 Sep 2004

Mariano Lorente

One of the multiple forms to give persistence in data base to an object of a class with oriented programming to aspects (AOP) in AspectJ

29 Mar 2010

Adrabi Abderrahim

Pivot 1.4, Spring and Hibernate is my RPG Game

14 Jun 2005

Ashraf Mohamed

Sending Mails using Java API

Ranges and looping with IntStream

A powerful supplement to Class.getResource(…).

This is a study note on debugging a remotely running Java application from Eclipse.

8 Mar 2015

Marius Iulian Mihailescu, Stefania Loredana Nita

The main purpose of this article is to describe the advantages of using RMI in the process of developing distributed applications using Java. RMI is one of the classic methods compared to other modern methods (e.g. .NET Remoting, WCF Services etc.), used for accessing objects remotely.

In this tutorial, I will show how to set up a RESTFul service using Spring Boot, And how to use Spring Security to secure the the RESTFul API. And I will used a very simple token based security to secure this service.

In this article, I like to show the reader step by step to create a RESTFul web service using Jersey 2.x.

Reusable extension of JPanel with rounded borders, shadow and antialiasing

Don’t deploy your application in Jetty, deploy Jetty in your application

19 May 2003

Rod VanAmburgh

Sample JNI DLL and Java test code

This program simulates an auto-driven car learning to drive around a track.

This article explains how to use WOX to serialize Java objects to XML. One of its main features is the generation of standard XML, which is language independant.

This is a study note on setting up Eclipse IDE for Java development.

Sharing Experience of SSO Integration via SAML 2.0 Resources

17 Jan 2011

George Stragand

Move beyond the String.equals() method of Java and introduce fuzzy String matching.

30 Oct 2005

Ian Schumacher

LRU caching code small enough to paste directly into your application

29 Oct 2013

Ogwara Rowland

NW.ORM, a helper framework for working Hibernate.

22 Mar 2013


Animated sliding panel in Swing.

24 Jun 2011

Vishwanath Narayanan

In this article, we will look at a real world technical problem in an enterprise and how web service helps us in solving the problem.

SPFOL JSP FORUM , is an cost-effective, user-friendly, easy to use, efficient, stable, secure and flexible, easy to setup bulletin board (forum) built on the Java J2EE technology (Jsp/Servlet). It is compatible with any Servlet Containers which supports Jsp 1.2 and Servlet 2.3..

Characteristics, Principles of Industrial Automation Software

In this article, I will present a fully working Spring MVC application. It integrates with Spring Security, and Spring Rest. The sample application can be used as a template while the tutorial gives you a general idea of how each component work.

An article that discusses structural typing vs. duck typing

19 Dec 2012

Han Bo Sun

This article introduces developers to use Apache Struts 2 with Google AppEngine. Specifically, the jars needed, and the project setup to allow your application to allow Struts execute under the AppEngine environment.

IPv6 subnet calculator / tool explained.

Full description of constructing a game application in Java.

This article presents an example Spring MVC Rest service application that supports both Json and XML serializations.

Description and usage with examples of a helper lib to create Swing applications

This is a Java tab Control like SS Tab in VB. Its Cool One

A platform independent application that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

An interesting article to learn how UPC-A bar coding works

27 Oct 2015


The “Game of Life” is a mathematical representation of the human evolution, in which a few patterns develop through the time.

Automate – “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” using Java

This program allows you play Solitaire puzzle also known as Peg Solitaire Puzzle.

JVM code can be just as fast as the equivalent native code: Why and How.

This article presents an example to upload and download files with SQL server through JDBC in a Spring MVC application.

18 Apr 2011

Holly Schinsky

This article is intended to give developers a quick reference guide to using Flex 4 containers and layouts.

This article describes how to get the internal details of a class in Java using introspection.

In this tutorial, I will introduce the use of Spring JdbcTemplate in a Spring Boot web application. This tutorial will show how to create the necessary configuration for JdbcTemplate. And how it can be used for data insertion and retrieval.

2 Jan 2018

Han Bo Sun

I will introduce two ways to use Jetty as a web server to serve static contents to end user. This can be used for testing in development.

An article on inter-process communication between Java and Java, Java and C++ programs.

This document presents two Maven example projects for mocking final and static methods using PowerMockito for Java unit testing.

3 Mar 2013

Marius Iulian Mihailescu

Creating a server program using Java

3 Dec 2008


Program written in Java, using the flickrj API, to browse a Flickr username’s contacts

24 Nov 2015

vladimir husnullin

Web development using JSON is simple

XMLBeans for Java can be used for validating XML Document based on some schema

7 Jan 2015

shashi shankar singh

Weather Information Report Chart in Java


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