How To Properly Maintain Your Vehicle

  • Changing a Fuse

    Need to change a fuse? Don’t stress out, it’s a pretty easy procedure.

  • How To Check Tire Pressure

    Need help checking your tires? Our guide on checking your tire pressure has the answers.

  • Storing Your Vehicle

    What to do if you have to put your vehicle in long-term storage.

  • How To Change Your Oil

    Need help changing your oil? Our guide to changing your oil has the answers.

  • Avoid Getting Gouged

    Not sure if you can trust that mechanic? We’ll help you avoid being gouged.

  • How To Detail Your Car

    Want your car to look like new? Check out our car detailing guide.

  • Know Your Basic Car Care

    Keeping your car in good shape requires regular and routine maintenance. Here are the most important pieces to basic car care.

  • How To Summerize Your Car

    Wondering how to prepare your car for the summer? Consult our car summerization guide.

  • How To Winterize Your Car

    Whether you’re driving through snow, sleet, ice or all three, our car winterization guide has you covered.

  • How To Shop for Tires

    Our how-to guide and a penny can help you pick the right tires for your car.

  • Replacing Your Windshield Wipers

    Hard to see in the rain? Our guide to changing your windshield wipers will help you install them correctly.

  • Replacing Spark Plugs

    A do-it-yourself guide to changing your spark plugs; perfect for the mechanically-challenged.

  • Changing a Headlight

    Did someone tell you one of your car headlights was out? Here’s how to replace it.

  • Preventing Rust from Road Salt

    Here are some tips for preventing rust from road salt; so useful if the idea of rust makes you cringe.

  • Replacing Brake Fluid

    Replacing brake fluid: when you should do it & when you should you let a mechanic handle it.

  • Changing an Air Filter

    How to change an air filter, even if you’re not a gear head.

  • Batteries 101

    Your guide to vehicle batteries. Learn all about your car’s battery.


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