Free eLearning Avoids Common Error Sources and Improves Weighing Safety Labmate Online

A free eLearning from Mettler-Toledo helps you enrich your knowledge about working in different types of safety enclosures, handling toxic substances, and weighing in a safe, error-free way. Register for the 50-minute session now to improve both your safety and productivity when using lab balances.

Whenever you are working in a laboratory – particularly when handling toxic substances – safety is an important concern. The needs for safety extends to a common yet often overlooked action: Weighing.

During weighing, users may risk direct contact with the substance being weighed. This risk may be inherent in the standard operating procedure or caused by external factors such as unexpected drafts or spills.

Because of this contamination risk, weighing requires certain general precautions that all users should be properly trained on to ensure a safe working environment. These general precautions include personal protective equipment (PPE) and, often, a safety enclosure.

Mettler-Toledo’s free eLearning is designed to help users structure their weighing tasks and safety-enclosure use to avoid contamination which can affect both health and weighing results. The 50-minute course covers: safety enclosure types; handling toxic substances; keeping weighing error-free; types of risk in the process; protection from those risks.

Following successful completion of a final test, a qualification certificate will be generated. This certificate can be printed and stored for internal training records and can be especially helpful for GMP qualification.

Enhance your weighing knowledge and ensure safety in your lab more effectively by completing the course.

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