FL Studio 20 – Complete Beginner Basics Tutorial

This video is the first in the FL Studio 20 Basics Playlist and is to help those who are completely new to FL Studio 20 and are looking for a place to start. When loading a synth for the first time, I would recommend using “FLEX” it is the best and most easy to use and was added after I made this video.
Get FL Studio Here (I will get a small commision): http://bit.ly/flstudio20producer

The Gear I Use:
DAW – http://bit.ly/flstudio20producer
Mastering Headphones – http://bit.ly/DT1990pro
Mixing Headphones – http://bit.ly/770pro
Studio Monitors – http://bit.ly/MonitorA7x
Microphone – http://bit.ly/ShureMicrophone
2nd Monitors – http://bit.ly/KaliMonitor
Interface – http://bit.ly/Audientid4

Watch the FL Studio 20 Basics Playlist here : https://goo.gl/2Yxrf2

I try to simplify the DAW and it’s signal flow for those who are not familiar with FL Studio’s workflow.

This video shows how to navigate the Browser, Channel Rack, Playlist, Piano Roll and Mixer so that you can start making music 🙂
There are far too many features to cover in one video but luckily there are lots more (shorter) videos on each topic.
For more detailed videos on each topic –

Channel Rack – https://youtu.be/od5lD20Mnvw
Playlist – https://youtu.be/TkTZLblecPM
Mixer- https://youtu.be/f1wVqmhLxUc
Drum Programming – https://youtu.be/bSrR-6BCGy4
Recording Audio – https://youtu.be/f4tqN19EPlQ
Side chaining – https://youtu.be/Zl-uG5oIUdg
Export Settings – https://youtu.be/0rEnGUUJ5oA
Shortcuts – https://youtu.be/_SS6ZYlxZ7Q
Workflow Tips – https://youtu.be/aBzQ5KV4glE
Free Templates – https://youtu.be/V5Lj6M1mdmI

Note – Your FL Studio version might look a little different depending on your screen size and resolution. I also have the effects on the mixer default to the left hand side- yours might be on the right, this doesn’t change the function 🙂

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