Fix Error 3002 & Error 3200 During iOS Update

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A fair amount of users have ran into “Error 3002” and “Error 3200” during the iOS update process with iTunes. It’s not entirely clear what’s causing this, but we have provided a solution that should work for both Mac and Windows users to resolve the error message so that you can update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as intended.

Fixing Error 3002 & 3200

You will be restoring to iOS rather than updating, meaning the device will be back to a fresh iOS installation. Be sure you have a backup of the iOS device before you proceed, so that you can then get all your apps and settings back.

Important: Before proceeding, be sure you have removed any blocks for from your hosts file!

  1. Be sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed
  2. Download new iOS IPSW specific to your device, save it somewhere that is easy to find
  3. Launch iTunes and then do the following…
  • Mac users: hold down the OPTION key then click on “Restore”, locate the aforementioned IPSW file
  • Windows users: hold down the SHIFT key and then click on “Restore”, point iTunes to the downloaded IPSW file

Error 3002 fix

If your hardware gets totally boinked or if you’re then encountering error 3194, you can also try putting the iPhone or iPad into DFU mode and restoring while in recovery.

Remember to check your hosts file too, if you blocked an Apple server or use Sauriks instead in the past for jailbreak purposes, that will cause issues now when you are updating to the latest iOS.

Update: Another common error is “An internal error has occurred” – this is an indication that Apple’s servers are swamped, so you may want to try again later.


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