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Web Design & Development Service Faqs

Why Should I Hire SEO Miami?

Over the years, SEO Miami has worked hard to set itself apart from other website developers. Our integrity has seen us become one of the most successful website developers in Miami and beyond. We have worked and continue to do so, with the most successful businesses in Miami. All of our clients appreciate our work, which is why they continuously refer potential clients to us. At SEO Miami, we exceed expectations to make our client happy.

How Long Does a Website Creation Process Last?

The time taken to create business websites depends on several factors. Customs designs take anywhere from 1-5 weeks. The duration depends on your site’s complexity as well as the revisions you require. It takes the addition of a week to 2 months when it comes to the development phase. This duration will also depend on the required functionality and the number of pages you need. These are general timelines, and we may take lesser time for we work round the clock to ensure that your website is completed on time.

What Kind of Technology are Supported by your Site?

We specialize in Flash, CSS, and XHTML. However, we are experienced in dealing with PHP, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, and others. On the chance that we are unable to do something, we partner with the best web developers for additional services at no extra costs.

Can I inspect the Progress of My Website’s Creation?

Sure! In fact, we recommend it. We build all sites on our development server and provide you with the necessary information (passwords and usernames) so that you can monitor your site’s progress by logging in. At this stage, we encourage honest feedback so that we can get a chance to make necessary changes and improve your site to suit your tastes and preferences. When your site is done, we’ll ask for your approval before releasing it live and submitting your URL to major search engines.

How Much Will the Website Cost?

Our prices vary according to your requirements. Get in touch with us for free quotes.

What Kind of Businesses Do You Work With?

We work with all types of businesses. However, we are mainly experienced in working with B2B clients in the hospitality, educational, and industrial sectors.

Does Your Firm Offer Hosting Services?

All sites we create come with affordable hosting packages. Kindly get in touch with us for free quotes.

Can You Update Existing Websites?

We do update existing websites. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and let us know what your requirements are as well as what you have been working with so that we can update your website.

Can You Create Content for My Website?

Definitely, we work with the best copywriters who provide 100% non-plagiarized content.

Do I Have a Say When it comes to Graphic Design?

Absolutely. Our main aim is to please our clients. We cannot achieve this without your input. We are open to suggestions and would appreciate if you would point out to sites that you’d like to emulate. We also work around brand and logo collateral. We make sure that your business website is an integral part of your policies and overall brand.


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