BEZZIES with Salah and Mane | Fastest? Best haircut? Coffee or Lovren?

How well do Liverpool teammates Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah know each other? We put the forwards friendship to the in our new feature. This video is available with Arabic, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean and Thai subtitles. Never miss a video, subscribe now –…

Caption author (Chinese (Taiwan))

Leticia C

Caption authors (Korean)

posant eIron NAR 26Kangwook Lee

Caption authors (Russian)

Анастасия ДоценкоКирилл Феденев

Caption author (Portuguese)

Hadeer Kamal

Caption author (Vietnamese)

Kha Trần

Caption author (Polish)

Maria Saternus

Caption author (Indonesian)

johan firmansyah



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