Check out our featured song: “Grimspeak” by Fayne! It was a spooky decade! For this list, we’re looking at the scariest horror movies about ghosts, hauntings, and possessions released between 2010 and 2019. Our fright fest of must-see modern horror films includes “The Witch” (2015), “Hereditary” (2018), “The Conjuring” (2013), “It” (2017), “It Follows” (2014), and more! What’s YOUR favorite horror movie from the 2010s? Let us know in the comments! Watch more great horror movie videos here: Top 20 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone: Top 10 Scariest Teen Horror Movies: Top 10 Classic Horror Movie Icons: Disagree with our rank?Read More →

| October 05, 2019 06:43 PM Journalist John Solomon has joined Fox News as a contributor, the Washington Examiner learned Saturday. Fox News confirmed the recent hire. Solomon, who recently announced his departure from the Hill newspaper and the Hill.TV brand to start his own media firm, will make his debut as a contributor during the prime-time hours Monday night. He has recently made headlines with his reporting on former Vice President Joe Biden and his connection to Ukraine. Prior to that, he gained notoriety for his reporting on the Trump-Russia collusion theory and for his frequent appearances on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News.Read More →

The history between the top 3 most subscribed youtubers in the world! Pewdiepie vs dude perfect vs holasoygerman from 2009 to 2019… Hope you gonna like it 😀 ____________________________________ If you want to help me Subscribe 😀 → Facebook 7u7 → Twitter 7u7 → Instagram 7u7 → _______________________ pewdiepie vs dude perfect vs holasoygerman history graph pewdiepie vs dude perfect vs holasoygerman live sub count pewdiepie t series dude perfect holasoygerman badabun juegagerman _______________________ Song 1: Giraffe Squad – Wait For Me [NCS Release] = Song 2: Danell Arma – Shift = SourceRead More →

The Conspiracy Collection Available This Friday Nov 1st at 10amPST on We’ll be at Mall of America on Nov 2nd to celebrate the palette! Catch up on ALL episodes here! Check out “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” Spotify Playlist with songs updated every time a new episode comes out! Subscribe to Jeffree Star Follow Andrew Siwicki Subscribe to Ryland Subscribe to Morgan HUGE THANKS TO Marcelo (Director and photographer) Lipsticknick (Makeup) Alana Schober (Makeup) Hair by Jay List of Items and Prices in the Collection: Conspiracy Palette – $52 Mini-Controversy Palette – $28 SHANERead More →

FICHA TÉCNICA: Direção: Luccas Neto Operador de Câmera: Guilherme Gonçalves (Guijo) e Kenneth Lacerda Operador de Áudio: Paulo Márcio Roteirista: Luccas Neto Ass de Produção Artística: Leonardo Brito Produção Executiva: Theodora Chevalier 1º Assistente de Produção: Márcio Magalhães 2ºs Ass de Produção: Leandro Siqueira e Junior Santos da Silva Continuista: Dayane Oliveira (DaySilvz) Contra Regra: Hebert Cezar Coordenador de Pós Produção: Jorge Santana Edição e Finalização: David Israel, Vitor Foguel, Pablo Gonzalez e Alex Ferreira Camareira: Marcia Tondato Supervisão Pedagógica de Conteúdo: Eduardo Santos “Dudu” ELENCO: Aventureiro Azul: Luccas Neto Aventureira Vermelha: Giovanna Alparone Bruxa Pandora: Vivian Duarte Ninja Flame: João Pessanha ATENÇÃO: O conteúdoRead More →

DJ Senior Highlights ►► DJ Uiagalelei Offseason Highlights ►► Get OT Merch ►► Coach Frogg got the two BEST QBs in the country working out together! DJ Uiagalelei and Bryce Young are some of the best prospects we’ve ever seen. DJ’s going to Clemson and Bryce is heading to Alabama. This is how these guys WORK! They both are studs in California and their teams have a pretty huge rivalry, but these guys wouldn’t be where they’re at without each other. In the off season they train together. They push one another and make sure that they’re at their best. After watchingRead More →

Mar 29, 2013 #41 It’s free on the forum not avilable bro ..i try to search but not found ———- Post added at 09:23 PM ———- Previous post was at 09:21 PM ———- @ rbharti just put the tick box in mtn , so it generate media info and save as text in your download directory thanks fo reply bro…i m not able to find any text file in download directory….. Mar 31, 2013 #42 can anybody help me out here i get this error message when i upload to superupl in rapidleech Fatal error: Call to undefined function GetCookiesArr() in C:wampwwwr319hostsuploadcloudnes.com_member.php on lineRead More →

Google Classroom 5.11.462.03.35 for APK file Version: 5.11.462.03.35 for Android Update on: January 13 20 Signature: 46f6c8987311e131f4f558d8e0ae145bebab6da3 Size: 21.46 MB (22,500,428 bytes) Download APK (21 MB) Google Classroom 5.11.462.03.30 for Android 4.1.x – Jelly Bean APK file Version: 5.11.462.03.30 for Android Android 4.1.x – Jelly Bean Update on: November 22 19 Signature: 46f6c8987311e131f4f558d8e0ae145bebab6da3 Size: 23.08 MB (24,205,461 bytes) Download APK (23 MB) Google Classroom 5.11.462.03.40 for Android 4.1.x – Jelly Bean APK file Version: 5.11.462.03.40 for Android Android 4.1.x – Jelly Bean Update on: November 22 19 Signature: 46f6c8987311e131f4f558d8e0ae145bebab6da3 Size: 23.69 MB (24,836,235 bytes) Download APK (24 MB) Google Classroom 5.11.462.03.45 for Android 4.1.x –Read More →