Yahoo email Problem – Lenovo Community

‎02-05-2013 06:41 PM

Ok. Here is my problem.

1) Someone writes me an email.

2) I hit the “reply” button (it’s a little arrow)

3) It doesn’t work. I try it again. It doesn’t work. Then, usually on the third time, it works again. (why??)

4) I start writing my reply. I write about one sentence, then the entire email goes blank. There is no text. Everything has been deleted.

5) I hit the “x” button, so I can close that particular email, and start over.

6) But I can’t. I can’t leave that empty email that I started. I can’t click on the tab for the inbox. I can’t check any new mail. I have to close the window to start over. But it happens again and again.

Is this because of my computer (Lenovo)? Is this because of Windows 8? Is this my internet connection?

Is this my bad luck?

Any ideas?


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