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molly wrote:

That is a great example and exactly what I am looking for, (how to remove overhead wires)
Is there any chance of a step by step direction how this is done. I have both scripts including the resynthesizer and the resynth to path. I tried several times last night to figure it out.
Help would be appreciated. thanks

Duplicate your source layer.

Use then pen tool to draw paths along the lines. Use ctrl click to start a new path segment.

Then right click on the path and call the script, on the duplicate layer. If your paths are right centered on the wires, then for the first parameter pick a value just larger then the thickness of the wire in pixels. The more sloppy your path, the bigger your number needs to be. For the second parameter pick a number hat represents how far away from the path you want to use as a source region for the resynthesizer process. IF you have a smooth even sky you can pick a larger number. If the path crosses lots of detail you might have to use a smaller number.

I’ll often ctrl-f a few times till I get the best resynthesizer result, as there is a random element to it.

Now you can add a layer mask, and paint in black where you want to restore lost detail. For example, I did this to put the light and the insulators back in the little sample I showed above, as you can see my paths cut right through them and ended up replacing those areas with sky.

-Rob A>

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