What will happen to a person when they are bitten by a wolf spider

Wolf spiders are venomous and their venom is poisonous. Bites that penetrate the skin can cause pain, swelling and itchiness. Most people only experience the symptoms for a few minutes while others get a wound that takes a few days to heal. If the victim is either a child or an elderly person, medical treatment should be sought. The bite may in itself be infectious and potentially dangerous if proper actions are not taken. The duration of acute pain from wolf spider bites were normally 10 minutes, and the majority of bite effects were due to mechanical trauma but wolf spider bites should be avoided.

If you get a bite do not put a bandage on the wound but wash it with soap and warm water. To reduce the swelling you can put an ice pack over the bite area. If pain persists more than 60 minutes seek medical attention.


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