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If you have an account, log in to it first. If you don’t have an account simply browse for the webinar or course you want and make your purchase(s) by clicking “add to cart” then “checkout”. You will be directed to a secure payment site where you can pay by credit card or by Paypal. Once you have paid for the webinar you will be returned to a “payment confirmed” page, on which you will need to complete the purchase by adding your email and other details (or checking that they are still correct) so that we know who you are and can allocate your purchase to your account. You are also invited to register with Gotowebinar for the future webinar and we will send a confirmation and official receipt as soon as possible after you have completed all the formalities – often the same day.

Are your webinars recognised?

ECPD webinars and courses are approved by the CIOL. ITI members may log 1 hour of CPD per hour session. Members of ATA earn 1 CE point for each session. Courses and webinars produced by eCPD Webinars are officially accredited by the Bureau Wbtv as ‘erkende opleiding’ (approved training).

What is a webinar? Live webinars are held on a specific date at a specific time. You are free to pose questions and take part in any other interactive elements that the speaker has arranged as part of the live session. Our platform is GoToWebinar.

Why should I attend? Our webinars are high-quality, cost-effective professional development opportunities. We bring you expert speakers and you can grow your career.

How do I register? Once registration for a webinar is open – usually a few weeks ahead of the event – follow the links in the calendar of events. After processing your payment, you’ll receive a link to register for the webinar in our GoToMeeting platform.

What about points for my CPD record? You can use the follow-up email which you receive after attending a webinar to attach to your individual CPD record. Your professional institute or body may need to verify your points weighting for each event.

How do I join a live webinar on the day? It is easy to join a live webinar. The best way is to connect using your computer via the link which you will receive in your confirmation email. Once you click on it on the day, you’ll be taken to a website where you can view the webinar.

More questions? Visit our FAQ page where we’ve answered many of your questions.


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