Translate PDF, Word Document Files Using Google Docs Translation

There are several online translation services like Google Translate, Microsoft Translation to translated word, phrases or texts from one to other languages. But you’ll have to copy paste the text, every time you want to translate. But if the document is a big one you want to translate the whole document then those online services does not sound good.

Say you have purchased a new product or gadget but you are not familiar with the using methods. Thus, you have to learn from the user manual but unfortunately that is written in another language (Korean, Portuguese). Well, you can copy the whole content of the manual and then translate from the Google Translate. But Google Docs allows you to translate hole your document. Using Google Docs you can translate PDF, Word Documents in various languages and save the translated version for future reference.

Use Google Docs as a language translation tool

1. Open and upload here the document file that you want to translate. Google docs only supports Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel file format. When uploading at Google docs uploader, let Google Docs to convert the document to its own format.

2. Click on the document to open with the Google Docs editor. Then click Tools and then select Translate document option.

3. Now you will get the option for choosing the title and the target language in an overlay window.

4. It will create and save the new translated version in the same file type of the original one and the translated document will be opened in a new browser tab.

That’s all. Now you can download the translation version in HTML, PDF, ODT, RTF, Word or text format.

Note: Infact, the translation is done through Google Translation service. The advantage of this utility is that it does not alter your original file. It saves the file with a different title. So you can keep both your original and translated credentials at your Google account.

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