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Users can customize the start-up view by appending parameters to the URL. The following are some of useful examples:

  • Elevation
  • Map View
  • Mexico Border View
  • NHD View
  • Imagery View
  • Small-scale View
  • Standard View

Click here to read more about start-up parameters.

Parameters Usage
category Dataset categories used for product search.

  • nbd: Boundaries – National Boundary Dataset
  • ned: Elevation Products (3DEP)
  • nedsrc: Elevation Source Data (3DEP)
  • histtopo: Historical Topographic Maps
  • nhd: Hydrography (NHD) and Watersheds (WBD)
  • hro: Imagery – 1 foot (HRO)
  • naip: Imagery – 1 meter (NAIP)
  • nbdmi: Map Indices
  • gnis: Names – Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
  • nlcd: National Land Cover Database (NLCD)
  • smallscale: Small-scale Datasets
  • nsd: Structures – National Structures Dataset
  • ntd: Transportation – National Transportation Dataset
  • ustopo: US Topo
  • woodland: Woodland Tint

Example: category=histtopo,ustopo

basemap Basemap displayed on the map.

  • b1: USGS Topo
  • b2: USGS Imagery Topo
  • b3: USGS Imagery
  • b4: USGS Shaded Relief
  • b5: USGS Hydro NHD
  • b6: USGS Blank Map

Example: basemap=b1

bbox Map extent. This extent will be used for product search.
Specified by: min X,min Y,max X,max Y
All coordinates must be in geographic coordinates (decimal degrees).

Example: bbox=-108.789,37.18411,-102.548,41.068

title Page title
Example: title=NHD View
q Query String
Example: q=FL_LEONCO_2006
howTo “How To” dialog opens on start-up when this paramter is “true”.
Example: howTo=true


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