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Mailing List Management / Tracking Software

Key Features

• Bounce Removal – Removes bounces automatically! (Requires account)
• Tested to over 2,000,000 e-mails!
• Completely run from a browser.
• List Importer for importing existing mailing lists.
• Effectiveness Tracking – unique to Subscribe Me Pro.
• Mail your mailings using either Sendmail, BLAT, or SMTP!
• SMTP Authentication option available
• Monitor mailings in progress and “resume” any stopped mailings.
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Product Description

Introducing Subscribe Me™ Professional 2.0. Designed to assist with the building, maintaining, mailing, and tracking of your customer/prospect mailing lists!

The Professional version of our highly acclaimed and #1 Rated shareware software (Highest rating of any mailing list manager at CGI Resources Index).

Subscribe Me Professional installs in minutes! Upload a few files to your FTP site, and the rest of the installation and configuration is done from your browser! No text files to edit, ever!

Product Requirements

• Web server account that has CGI capabilities. Verify that your host allows the use of mass mailing programs.
• Self-installer requires that your host’s server configurations allow it. accepts no responsibility for hosts which do not allow self-installation. Manual installation options are available.
• Perl 5 installed on that web server. Contact your server administrator if you are unsure.
• Access to either Sendmail, BLAT, or Sockets mail. No mail can be sent without at least ONE of the above.
• If you are using either BLAT or Sockets mail (Windows server users usually), you will also need access to an SMTP mail server. Contact your server administrator to find out if you do.
• To receive program update information, your web browser software must be Javascript capable and enabled. Most come standard as such.
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