Spiders on the Web

(and other Arachnids)

of Orange County, California
and nearby places

Photographed and compiled by Peter J. Bryant (pjbryant@uci.edu) Department of Developmental and Cell Biology,
University of California, Irvine, CA 92717,
Ron Hemberger and Lenny Vincent.
Yellow background, exotic to California and/or North America.
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Agelenidae: Grass spiders
Funnel Weaver,
Agelenopsis sp.

Funnel Weaver,
Hololena santana

Funnel Weaver,
Hololena sp.

Barn Funnel Weaver Spider,
Tegenaria domestica

Funnel Weaver,
Amphinectidae Anyphaenidae – Ghost Spiders
Metaltella simoni

Anyphaena californica

Anyphaena pacifica

Hibana incursa
Araneidae: Orb weavers
Six-spotted Orb Weaver, Araniella displicata

Green Orb Weaver,
Araneus detrimentosus

Tree spider,
Araneus gemma

Araneus montereyensis

Silver argiope,
Argiope argentata

Black and yellow argiope,
Argiope aurantia

Banded argiope,
Argiope trifasciata

Orb Weaver, Cyclosa conica

Cyclosa turbinata

Eriophora edax

Eustala californiensis

Eustala sp.

Larinia directa

Bridge Spider,
Larinioides scolpetarius

Bolas spider,
Mastophora cornigera

Metazygia zilloides

Metepeira crassipes

Metepeira foxi

Metepeira sp.

Metepeira sp.

Metepeira sp.

Arabesque Orbweaver,
Neoscona arabesca (?)

Spotted Orbweaver,
Neoscona crucifera

Western Spotted Orb weaver,
Neoscona oaxacensis

Zygiella x-notata
Corinnidae: Antmimics and Ground Sac Spiders
Ant Mimic Spider,
Castianeira athena

Ant Mimic Spider,
Castianeira occidens

Ant Mimic Spider,
Castianeira thalia

Sac Spider,
Meriola californicus

Sac Spider,
Trachelas pacificus
Ctenizidae: Trapdoor spiders Desidae:
House spiders Dictynidae: Mesh Web Weavers Dysderidae:
Cell Spiders
California Trapdoor Spider, Bothriocyrtum californicum

Gray House Spider,
Badumna longinqua

Mesh Web Weaver, Dictyna calcarata

Mesh Web Weaver,

Woodlouse Spider, Dysdera crocata
Gnaphosidae: Sac spiders
Ground Spider, Callilepis (eremella or gosoga)

Ground Spider,
Cesonia trivittata

Ground Spider,
Drassyllus insularis

Stealthy Ground Spider,
Herpyllus propinquus

Micaria pasadena

Mouse spider,
Scotophaeus blackwalli

Sergiolus montanus

Urozelotes rusticus

Zelotes funestus

Ground spider, Zelotus gynethus

Gnaphosid spider
Linyphiidae: Dwarf and Sheetweb Weavers
Bowl and Doily Spider,
Frontinella communis

Sheet Web Spider,
Neriene digna

Sierra Dome Spider,
Neriene litigiosa
Lycosidae: Wolf spiders
Wolf Spider, Alopecosa kochii

Arctosa littoralis

Giant Wolf Spider, Hogna (carolinensis?)

Thin-legged Wolf Spider,
Pardosa atromedia

Thin-legged Shore Spider,
Pardosa milvina

Thin-legged Wolf Spider,
Pardosa steva

Thin-legged Wolf Spider,
Pardosa sp

Wolf Spider, Pardosa sp.

Wolf Spider,
Schizocosa mccooki

Wolf Spider
Mimetidae: Pirate spiders
Pirate spider, Mimetus hesperus

Reo eutypus
Miturgidae: Prowling spiders Oecobiidae: Disc Web Spiders
Long-legged Sac Spider,
Cheiracanthium inclusum

Long-legged Sac Spider,
Cheiracanthium (mildei?)

Oecobius navus

Wall Spider,
Oecobius sp.
Oxyopidae: Lynx spiders
Striped Lynx Spider,
Oxyopes salticus

Western Lynx Spider,
Oxyopes scalaris

Lynx Spider,
Oxyopes tridens

Green Lynx Spider,
Peucetia viridans
Philodromidae: Running Crab Spiders
Philodromus dispar

Philodromus sp.

Thanatus vulgaris

Thanatus sp.

Tibellus sp.
Pholcidae: Daddy Longlegs spiders Prodidomidae: Long-Spinneret Ground Spiders
Marbled Cellar Spider,
Holocnemus pluchei

Pholcus phalangioides

Psilochorus californiae

Unidentified Pholcid

Long-spinneret Ground Spider, Prodidomus rufus
Salticidae: Jumping spiders
Chalcoscirtus diminutus

Colonus hesperus

Evarcha proszynskii

Habronattus californicus

Habronattus elegans

Habronattus hirsutus

Habronattus oregonensis

Habronattus pyrrithrix

Habronattus schlingeri

Habronattus tarsalis

Habronattus sp.

Habronattus sp.

Habronattus sp.

Habronattus sp.

Marpissa robusta

Gray Wall Jumper,
Menemerus bivittatus

Messua limbata

Metacyrba taeniola similis

Mexigonus minutus

Mexigonus morosus

Neon avalonus

Ant Mimicking Spider,
Peckhamia sp. (or Synageles sp.?)

Pelegrina aeneola

Phanias concoloratus

Phanias harfordii

Phanias sp.

Phidippus adumbratus

Bold Jumper,
Phidippus audax

Phidippus californicus

Johnson Jumper,
Phidippus johnsoni

Phidippus phoenix

Phidippus sp.

Plexippus paykulli

Zebra Spider,
Salticus palpalis

Sassacus vitis

Sitticus dorsatus

Ant-mimicking Spider,
Synageles noxiosus

Thiodina hespera
Giant Crab Spiders Tengellidae:
Wandering spiders
Huntsman Spider,
Heteropoda venatoria

Olios peninsularus

Wandering Spider,
Anachemmis sober
Tetragnathidae: Long-jawed Orb Weavers
Tetragnatha nitens

Tetragnatha versicolor

Tetragnatha sp.
Theraphosidae: Tarantulas
Aphonopelma chalcodes

California Ebony Tarantula,
Aphonopelma eutylenum

Aphonopelma iodius
Theridiidae: Widows and cobweb weavers
Social Cobweb Weaver, Anelosimus analyticus

Dew-drop spider,
Argyrodes elevatus

Dew-drop spider,
Argyrodes sp.

Dew-drop spider,
Argyrodes sp.

Red and White Steatoda,
Asagena fulva

Tangle-web Spider,
Cryptachaea porteri

Western black widow,
Latrodectus hesperus

Brown widow,
Latrodectus geometricus

Common House Spider,
Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Cobweb spider,
Steatoda borealis?

House spider,
Steatoda grossa

False Widow,
Steatoda nobilis

Cobweb spider,
Steatoda triangulosa

Cobweb Spider,
Theridion kawea

Tangle-web Spider,
Theridion melanurum

Long-jawed orb weaver,
Theridion punctipes

Tent Cobweb Weaver,
Tidarren sisyphoides
Thomisidae: Crab spiders
Bark Crab Spider,
Bassaniana utahensis

Crab Spider, Diaea livens

Flower Spider,
Mecaphesa californica

Flower Spider, Mecaphesa dubia

Mecaphesa sp.

Mecaphesa sp.

White-banded Crab spider,
Misumenoides formosipes

White-banded Crab spider,
Misumenoides formosipes

Misumena vatia

Misumenops sp.

Flower Spider, Misumenops sp.

Flower Spider, Misumenops sp.

Flower Spider, Misumenops sp.

Crab Spider, Misumenops sp.

Flower Spider,
Misumenops sp.

Tmarus sp.

Xysticus californicus

Xysticus montanensis

Xysticus sp.

Xysticus sp.

Xysticus sp.

Xysticus sp.
Uloboridae: Hackled orbweavers
Uloborus diversus

Uloborus sp.(?)
Ticks American Lyme Disease Foundation
American Dog Tick,
Dermacentor variabilis

Pacific Coast Tick,
Dermacentor occidentalis

Pacific Coast Tick,
Dermacentor occidentalis

Western Black-legged Tick,
Ixodes pacificus

Rabbit Tick,
Haemaphysalis leporispalustris
Whirligig Mite,
Anystis baccarum

Whirligig Mites, Anystidae

Astigmatid Mite

Spider Mite, Balaustium sp.?

Free-living Mite,
Clypeosoma sp.?

Concrete Mite,
Balaustium sp.

Free-living Mite:

Earth Mite,
Penthaleus major

Two-spotted Spider Mite,
Tetranychus urticae
Other arachnids
Silvestri’s Scorpion,
Paruroctonus silvestrii

Burrowing Scorpion,
Anuroctonus phaiodactylus

Anuroctonus pococki

Slender Brown Scorpion,
Centruroides gracilis

Vaejovis puritanus

Sun spider


Daddy longlegs

Protolophus singularis

Desert Harvestman,
Eurybunus sp.

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Conspicuous Spiders of Orange County: Identification Guide, by Lenny Vincent
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The demystification of the toxicity of spiders by Ed Nieuwenhuys.
Spiders of Kaweah Oaks Preserve, by Irene Lindsey.
Spiders of the genus Habronattus in California and Baja California by Marshall Hedin, San Diego State University.
Biology 104, The Biology of Insects and Spiders” taught by Dr. Lenny Vincent at Fullerton College.
Brown Recluse Spider (genus Loxosceles, Family Sicariidae) not included at this site because it is not reported from Orange County.

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