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Dynamic eBay Store Categories

This is another one of those widgets that you normally have to pay extra for in old style listing templates.

However with WidgetChimp this is included and comes with extra customisation options found nowhere else.

Dynamically updating, you can show your eBay store categories in your listing template, select from 3 different formats and change the colour scheme to meet your businesses branding.

PS. The founder of WidgetChimp, Matthew Ogborne, is the developer of the eBay store categories widget that many of the leading eBay design companies use across the globe, powering hundreds of thousands of listings every day.

WidgetChimp uses a bespoke version available no-where else.

Other listing templates have image galleries, WidgetChimp has a Responsive image gallery.

This means that your product images and image gallery will resize to your customers screen size automatically.

Also you can change where any additional thumbnail images are shown, at the top, left, right or underneath the main image, plus there are advanced settings to control the image sizes too.

Oh and if your customer clicks on the main gallery image, it’ll open up in a “light box” so that they can see the full sized image. In Spring 2015, a zoom feature will also be added, mobile device friendly of course 🙂

If you’re using the simple-to-use revision tool in WidgetChimp, when you revise an eBay listing to use your responsive listing template, the revision tool automatically enters the images that you have used on eBay.

So no need to copy and paste links to images in for existing listings, they’re already preloaded for you!

And of course, if you’re using 3rd Party listing software, the downloaded template will include all the image keywords you need.

This widget allows you to show your eBay feedback and detailed seller ratings anywhere in your responsive eBay listing template.

Just want to show your eBay feedback table? You can do that. You can just show your detailed seller ratings only if you wanted.

Both are updated dynamically, so you drag and drop this widget anywhere in your listing template, customise any settings and forget it, WidgetChimp updates it automatically.

And the coolest thing about this Widget?

Based upon the eBay site that your listing is from, it translates itself! It’s been professionally translated for you so that it works perfectly with over 19 eBay sites. French, German, Spanish, Italian and so on…

A widget such as this is normally an expensive addon with traditional eBay listing templates, however with WidgetChimp it’s bundled into an easy-to-use widget.

You can add up to 5 sliding banners to each listing template, add a high-impact caption message, a call to action button or just leave it naked and let your artwork do the talking.

With the money you save by not having to buy this extra with a old fashioned listing template, you can spend the savings on having custom banners created instead for maximum impact.

Would you like a sliding widget that shows the latest positive feedback received on your eBay account?

With this widget you can show a high impact sliding gallery of comments to your listing template, anywhere you wish.

Perfectly suited to a sidebar, the helpful links widget provides dynamically updating links to help your customers find out more about you and your business.

This could be to ask a question, click through to your eBay store, view your feedback and so on.. Oh and the labels for these, you can change the text to whatever you would like them to say.

We’re big fans of the icon boxes because they look sooo cool!

A great example of an icon box widget in use, is that of your contact details. So you can show a large telephone icon, your phone number and your opening hours just underneath.

You can of course pick from any other the other +600 icons available and enter any message you like.

Buy / Watch / Email / Ask a Question Buttons

While your customer is in your eBay listing, they can perform any of these actions using vibrantly coloured buttons.

The text labels & icons are customisable and you can select just one all or 4 of these buttons to appear in your listing templates.


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