Read this book and you’ll never smoke a cigarette again: Allen Carr: 9781405923316: Books

I’ve been a smoker since I was 18, now 37.
I smoked Roll ups without the filter and would say I was a medium to heavy smoker.
I also smoke other stuff and with that I never thought I would be able to stop smoking tobacco all together.

I read the book first time round, but I’m not sure I took the book and it’s contents in properly – I’m putting that down to my poor attention span and my desire to stop smoking as quickly as possible.

I continued smoking for a year after I failed the first time. I also hid from my family that I had started smoking again.

June 2018 I picked the book back up and read each page, with great attention and absorbed each word on each page.

I was coming to the end of the book, I had 60 pages left and had run out of tobacco. Instead of going to buy more – I had realised I was already a non smoker and didn’t bother buying more (despite the book telling me to smoke to the end)

However, I finished those 60 pages and at the end pledged I’d never touch a cigarette again.

I haven’t. I’ve been smoke free since July 2018 and could never be more happy or proud of myself.

The book flipped my perception on smoking and now I cannot believe I smoked those dirty, stinking roll ups for nearly 20 years. Whenever i see a smoker I am grossed out, whenever I smell it I find it disgusting. This book does something to your brain and it is by far the best way to stop.

There is one caveat – you need to want to stop smoking – or at least have considered it to take embrace the approach from Allen.

The book is cheaper than a packet of cigs and what do you have to lose?


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