“NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service” Dog Tags (TV Episode 2008)



When the Gibbs gang seek to serve a warrant, they find cocaine, cash, and the dead body of the subject person; a dog bites McGee, who shoots (but does not kill) the dog. The victim was a Navy petty officer, based at the Naval Air Station, Patuxent (Pax) River, Maryland, near Lexington Park, and he was the handler of a drug-sniffing dog. It appears that the dog killed his handler. Against official reluctance and opposition, the team continues to investigate. Abby goes to unusual lengths to disprove the guilt of a party in custody. Abby and Jethro go to Pax River, where Jethro finds a buried canine skeleton. The bunch put all the pieces together and nab the person responsible, and Abby finds a new home for Jethro. Written by DocRushing

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Release Date:

15 April 2008 (USA)

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Technical Specs


44 min

Aspect Ratio:

16 : 9


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Did You Know?


Abby’s license plate number is: 4NS CHIK (forensics chick).

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Where the gang watch a plasma monitor to examine data about several members of a flight crew, the images show two Navy lieutenants in short-sleeve khaki shirts; however, the rank insignia on the collars are of a wrong type and wrong size – they’re of the sort worn on the shoulder straps of raincoats – and they’re incorrectly placed and oriented.

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Abby’s playing loud music and has locked herself in her office


Special Agent Timothy McGee

: Abby, open the door!

Abby Sciuto

: I can’t hear you, McGee!

Special Agent Timothy McGee

: If you can’t hear me, why’d you answer?

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The Dog Song


Written and performed by

Nellie McKay
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