Leave Windows Live Hotmail and Revert Back to Classic MSN Hotmail

Leave Windows Live Hotmail and Revert Back to Classic MSN Hotmail W

indows Live Hotmail which was briefly named as Windows Live Mail during beta, is officially launched as final version. Windows Live Hotmail is the new web-based email service from Microsoft which is intended as the replacement for the classic old MSN Hotmail existed since 1995. Major enhancements in Windows Live Hotmail are extensive use of AJAX for interactive feature and free 2GB email storage space. From 7 May 2007, all new Hotmail accounts will be created as Windows Live Hotmail accounts, while existing MSN Hotmail users can update to Windows Live Hotmail by clicking on the “Join Windows Live Hotmail” button below the Hotmail logo, with beta users automatically switched.

However, the user interface of Windows Live Hotmail is not as intuitive, as responsive or as attractive as you would have expected. After switching over, you may regret your choice and would like to revert back to the old classic Hotmail interface. Luckily, Microsoft still provide a way to switch back to MSN Hotmail, with the downside that you may lose your free 2GB space. Here’s how to do it.

There are 2 version of Windows Live Hotmail – full version with all the AJAX capabilities such as address auto-complete, reading pane, color schemes and keyboard shortcuts, and classic version which pretty much resemble the user interface the original Hotmail. In fact, classic Windows Live Hotmail interface version is recommended for users with slow internet connection or a monitor that is under 1024 x 768 pixels. If you want to keep the 2GB free space, this is the best option to opt for.

Switch to classic version of Windows Live Hotmail

Switch to Classic Windows Live Hotmail

Simply look for “Switch to classic” link located in the bottom left corner, and you’re done.

Switch back to original MSN Hotmail

If you want to revert back to MSN Hotmail, and don’t care whether you have the free 2GB mail space, click on Options on the top right corner (in full version, a pull down menu will be shown, where you should further click on More Options). You will see the following message.

For full version:

You’re using the full version of Windows Live Hotmail.
Click here to try the classic version, which is good for slow connections.
You can also Switch to MSN Hotmail.

For classic version:

You are using the classic version of Windows Live Hotmail.
Have a fast connection and want more features? Try the full version to see message previews in your inbox. (It’s free, too.)
You can also Switch to MSN Hotmail.

So to revert, click on “Switch to MSN Hotmail”. In the Switch Back page, confirm by clicking on Switch back button. And you’re back to original MSN Hotmail.

Note: Windows Live Hotmail has been replaced with Outlook.com.

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