Inside View: Serving Google Adsense

GOOGLE — The most common referrer string related to Google on this site is “Google Adsense fraud.” Seeing the Adsense programme from the perspectives of a visitor, a client and a microcontent producer, I think Google has clever ways to control Adsense fraud. I need to tweak my Adsense displays to serve them more productively. Based on community response, that means elevating their placement–something I don’t think I will do, even though I believe that step would increase my revenue three-fold.

However, the new code for towers, banners, inline rectangles, and single-ad buttons looks worthwhile. And there is a range of Alternate Ads to monetize pages that would otherwise show public service ads. Those Alternate Ads would tick over into an extra packet of revenue for me. I need to ensure AdSense continues to pay for Typepad hosting and for my mail2blog postings. Tweaking the displays should deliver me the right numbers.Google — AdSense Quick Tour
This blog is the only place on the Web that Google has indexed for “Adsense fraud.”


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