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Zend Server Editions

You can choose from development and production editions. Here are the key differences:

Development Standard Development Enterprise Production Small Business Production Professional Production

Production Environments

No No Yes Yes Yes

Typical Use

Individual developers Development teams Single-server, production apps Multi-server
production apps
24x7x365, business-critical apps


2-day response on business days via web tickets 1-day response on business days via web tickets and phone 2-day response on business days via web tickets 6-hour response on business days
via phone
2-hour response 24x7x365
via phone

Long-Term Support

No Yes No Yes Yes

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In addition to running Zend Server on Linux and Windows, you can also run Zend Server on IBM i and take advantage of ready-to-go Zend Server cloud instances.

Zend Server on IBM i

You can use Zend Server to develop PHP apps for the IBM i platform. For more information, please visit the Zend Server IBM i page.

Zend Server Public Cloud Instances

You can deploy Zend Server on premises and in the public cloud as software-as-a-service (SaaS). For more information about Zend Server SaaS options, please visit the Zend Cloud Solutions page.


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