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  1. D

    Google South Africa Still Allowing Online Casino Advertising

    On numerous occasions I have reported to Google that they have an Adsense client who is advertising online casino related content via their Adsense channel. They just ignore my emails. Apparently some of their clients are above the law. Online casino related advertising via Google Adsense is…

  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Google AdSense vulnerability revealed

    Google AdSense vulnerability revealed

    A new paper called “A vulnerability in Google AdSense: Automatic extraction of links to ads” highlights a weakness in the system which makes click fraud possible.

  3. L

    Finally got my Google Adsense Cheque

    So on Monday I finally got my first Google Adsense cheque. Google send me an email to let me know that they’ve send me a cheque and two weeks later I got it. Now first I had to speak to RB Jacobs after the woman at FNB didn’t know what to do with the cheque. So I told her that I will be…

  4. jes

    Truth behind Praag Google ad issues

    Truth behind Praag Google ad issues

    Google sheds light on why it pulled its advertising service from the Pro Afrikaans Action Group (Praag) website

  5. C

    Payments from Google Adsense

    Apologise if this is not the correct forum to post this …

    We have been using Google Adsense to generate revenue from our site ( and have been having major issues with checks from Google getting payments returned. I heard there is a company that accepts the payments for…

  6. I

    Why you should be careful of Google

    Right remember when a Google rep spoke at a My Broadband conference about how a guy was earning R5 mil from AdSense? A load of rubbish. Any AdSense publisher will tell you that it is virtually impossible to earn, as getting to $100 takes years. That is, if you can get to it before Google…

  7. F

    I’ve flipping had it with Google Adsense!!!!

    Okay …i dont often get angry but today i’ve just had it with this crap google adsense!!!:mad: I’ve been running them on my site for a couple of months now and i’m still stuck in the $40 region!:mad: This after gettting 12,183 impressions and 293 clicks!!! I’m taking this crap of my site and…

  8. D

    A question about google

    Google adsense dont really cater for flash sites in general…:confused:
    They reviewed my site and gave me a ho down.

    what can i possibly ad to my site to make it adsense to speak
    I know a easy option is make a non flash site,this is not a option:D


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