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Google Adsense, does not require introduction since its a very well known contextual ad network with a huge Advertiser and Publisher base. Learn some simple tricks and techniques and boost your daily income.

Things you Need:

Make a website or Blog with some “Attractive” content which your users find it very interesting.

Signup for a Google Adsense account

Spend some time working and advertising you website blog or script whatever it may be.


Create a website or blog to put Google Adsense or another CPM ad network. Your website should focus on a particular niche and keyword.

Try to get your website Optimized for Search Engines known as “SEO”. or heir an SEO (search engine optimizer) if you can afford.

Add some useful content (proffered if unique). Entertainment or Business websites attract more eyeballs.

Insert the code for a Google Adsense ad core into your webpage. This ad unit should be above the fold (ATF). That means it should be visible on your blog or site without scrolling down. The colors should match your website. You can use up to three Google Adsense ad units per page, and 3 link units per page.

Get more traffic to your website, by link exchange, seo and promoting to your local, social friends or through online forums and blog communities.

Key factor is that, your content or topic of website should be very informative and should be unique in concept, which would add extra value to your asset. Believe me Web business has become a Trend. Just like in past people used to be proud of there Physical Estate or Land, but now people have become proud of their Virtual Properties call as Websites.

I hope my article helps you and building a good website and you can earn money on internet at you home


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