Google adsense and Yahoo adsense popularly known as “Yahoo Publisher Network” both have similarities and differences. Both google adsense and yahoo adsense (YPN) are for publishers or website/blog owners to help google and yahoo in publishing or advertising goods and services and they (the publishers) get paid in return.

Google adsense and yahoo adsense (YPN) earnings are being calculated by clicks and page impressions. Google AdSense is the most popular contextual advertising programme.

GOOGLE ADSENSE is available worldwide while YAHOO ADSENSE is available to the inhabitants of USA only.

Others like AdBrite, AdEngage, Chitika, Infolinks, Kontera, Intellitext, etc are big competitors to google when it comes to adsense programme but google is still regarded as ADSENSE KING.

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Google adsense program allows only 3 different ads units per page. In Feb. 2007, YPN announced that publishers are now only allowed to place a maximum of three different YPN ad units on any single page at a time.

Another similarity between google adsense and yahoo publisher network is that they both maintain publishers help center or publishers help forum.

It must be mentioned however that both Google and Yahoo help a lot in learning how to make money online.


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