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Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that combines the features of traditional email with Google’s search technology. Learn Mores

The instructions for configuring Entourage to access Gmail can be found here. Just click on the appropriate version of Entourage. After you’ve configured Entourage, you will have to sign in to Gmail in a browser, then access your account’s preferences to activate POP access, as detailed on this page.


Instructions on setting up Gmail in Entourage as an IMAP account can be found on the OfficeforMacHelp Blog.

Connect Outlook for Mac 2011 to Gmail’s IMAP service

Example of Gmail set up as POP account.

Interesting link for using widgets with Gmail: Working with Gmail on your Mac

Note: Gmail preferences seem to be reverting to default. If you are experiencing problems with downloading Gmail into Entourage, go to the web interface for your Gmail account and check your settings. GMail/Settings/Forwarding and POP section, you can chose whether to have ALL email available or “Only mail that has arrived since…”. Set it to ALL mail and Save.

Frequently Asked Questions: Gmail

  1. BCC Entourage Sent mail to Gmail
  2. Get ALL messages
  3. Delete old discussion group and newsletter E-mails
  4. Download emails to myself

1) I have set all my incoming emails to forward to Gmail so they end up there as well as in Entourage. Now I’m thinking I’d like to Bcc my sent mail to Gmail as well so I have a complete archive there as well as in Entourage. I’ve looked in the account settings as I was hoping to be able to automatically set a Bcc address for every email sent from a particular mail account but could not find such a setting. Is this something I need to do manually for each message?

No, you don’t have to do it manually.

  1. Set up a mail rule, under the ‘outgoing’ tab in ‘Rules’

  2. Under the criteria, select ‘all messages’ Under actions, ‘Redirect to’ and enter your gmail address.

  3. Remember that outoging rules run AFTER the mail has been sent, so this copy will be sent at the next connection.

2) I want to download several months worth of gmail messages to my Entourage account. but when I hit the send/receive mail button on Entourage it only pulls in about 370 messages. What can i do to get ALL my old messages off gmail and into Entourage?

Make sure Gmail is configured to let you download all your mail. Log into Gmail and go into Settings > Forwarding and POP > Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded).

You may need to connect several times until you download everything. If so, also enable the option to ‘delete Gmail’s copy.’

3) Is there any way to sort Gmail so i can delete all the old discussion group and newsletter E-mails that make up probably 80 percent of my gmail inbox?

At the top of your inbox is a link that says Create a Filter. You can experiment with that to filter out your mailing list mail and file/delete it.

4) How can I get emails I send to myself to download into Entourage?

When you send a message to your Gmail account from your POP client, you won’t receive a copy. However, messages you send to your Gmail address from your Gmail account will arrive in your inbox if you are the only recipient

You might try setting up a label in Gmail’s web browser to cover other address.

Matches: from:( to:(
Do this: Apply label “[Gmail]/personal”


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