Fax Online with eFax | Your Completely Digital Faxing Solution

alphaFax By Email
The eFax® UK service links up with your email address to make sending and receiving a fax over the internet as easy as sending or receiving an ordinary email.


Archive Your Faxes
With eFax, you can quickly and efficiently look up and locate sent and received faxes and view their confirmation receipts which come complete with accurate time and date stamps.

Send Faxes To Multiple Recipients
You can send a fax to more than one fax number at the same time and receive a confirmation for each fax sent.

Fax Over Mobile Devices
You can now use your mobile smartphone or tablet device to send business faxes from any place at any time by using our eFax® UK iOS or Android apps or accessing your online account.

Multiple Users At Once
The eFax UK services allows up to 5 individual users with separate email addresses to use the same fax number, meaning your full team can make good use of the one eFax account without having to pay extra.

Fax Online
Your business can send and receive faxes from any browser, whether you are using a traditional personal computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, by signing into your eFax® UK account online.


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