Current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely…

Here’s a solution I found that actually works!

First, do go into your Web.config file and change your “customerrors mode=Off” This is important because it will show you the actual error that you are getting. If the error is that your project isn’t configured as an aplication then the fix has nothing
to with custom errors, it has to do with the host or remote server not having the directory in its IIS set as an application. Here’s a sample of what to insert in your web.config file (be sure to rem out what is currently there!)

In other words, go to the IIS Manager of your remote server (if this is your web hosting service, you probably don’t have access to do this and will have to contact your web hosting service and have them make these changes)

1. In the IIS Manager go to the Sites Directory
2. Go to the Default Web Site Directory
3. Go to the directory in which your Project resides
4. Right click on it and click on “Convert to Application”

This should set the project that you are working on to have rights to be accessed remotely. You should then be able to view your web site application.

If this does not work, double check that your hosting service has set or given you permissions and also make certain that your hosting service is running the same .Net Framework as you have developmented your site in. This is important with as many
versions of .Net that are now being run, some hosting services have not updated to the newest versions (i.e., I develop in .Net 4.0 and my hosting service was still only supporting .Net 3.5) so you have to check the error message that is returned once you
set the custom errors mode to “Off” (be sure to set it back to your custom error page after you have diagnosed and solved the problem!) but read the error message thoroghly, it will give you a much better idea of what the issue is.

Hope this helps all those that are still having this issue. Best of luck!


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