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Niche Edits, Niche Edit or also known Curated Links are basically a contextual anchor link inserted into a quality aged guest post, blog post or page that already exists which means it has already been indexed by Google. Being already ranked by Google is what makes this one of the strongest links you can buy/get via manual outreach and as white hat and clean as you can get.

Niche Links – Niche Edits offer much better link juice because Google loves good quality aged articles with nice traffic and naturally built authority.

Unlike Guest Posts which is the closest to real links as it gets, guest posts you get a link from a new post or page that has zero authority or internal power, niche edits have juice already which sends back to your site.

We don’t use any kind of PBN’s or sites that we own or work from a predetermined list. Every link will be manual outreach, from real websites, real owners and real content written for a real person. Buy niche edits links today! It may seem like a new terminology but it has been around for a long time at least the process but it is surely one of the most popular link building strategies for 2019.


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