Make a bracelet from folded paper strips


Bracelet out of candy wrappers or paper strips

Children love these bracelets made from paper strips. The idea isn’t new, I made origami bracelets from candy wrappers when I was a child. I’m writing this tutorial for myself too, because I not always remember how to make these paper bracelets, although one day I had to make 35 of them. Well, let’s start…

1. You will need coloured paper, a ruler, a pencil, scissors or crafts knife. Cut strips of 3×12 cm. For a child’s arm you will need about 18 strips for one bracelet. By the way, you can use smaller strips with ratio 1:4, but you will need more of those, accordingly.

Marking up paper

2. Fold a strip along its long axis and then along its short axis.

Folded paper strips

3. Pass a folded strip through another one to form a T. Make one shoulder shorter than the other, it forms a loop. The length of this loop must be a bit longer then the width of a folded strip.

Paper T

4. Fold the ends of the inner strip outwards and down to form a right angle.

Folding one side down

5. Then fold them again so that they aligned with the outer strip.

Folding to align the parts

6. Don’t forget to do the same on the other side. Secure both ends with a cloths-peg.

Securing with a cloth-peg

7. Now take another strip and put it through the loop you’ve made in step 3. You’ll get another loop.

Putting through another strip

8. Fold the ends of this new strip outwards at a right angle…

Folding over again

9. And upwards so that they align with the previous strip.

And again...

10. Carefully tuck the ends under the previous strip. Got it? Good!

Tuck the ends under

11. Get another strip through the loop and make another loop.

Making a new loop

12. Repeat steps 8 through 10.


13. And so on until the bracelet is long enough.

Making the ends meet

14. Now pass the ends of the first strip through the last loop.

Almost done

15. Fold them outwards.

Folding the ends outwards

16. Fold them at a right angle, then fold again along the last section.

Final step

17. Tuck the ends. Voila! The bracelet is ready.

That's it!


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